Motorola DTR700 900 MHz DIGITAL - limited availability

You save: $35.00

DTR700 900 MHz Digital, License-Free
on-site communications with crisp,
clear audio and wide-area coverage.


With Motorola Solutions’ DTR700 Series radio, digital on-site communication is easier and more reliable than ever. Your team can communicate quickly, solve problems rapidly and address unexpected situations – ultimately improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Enhanced features include a slim, rugged design that is simple, yet powerful. Crisp, clear audio and wide-area coverage keep employees connected and accountable wherever they are. And intuitive navigation menu ensures ease-of-use. The Motorola Solutions’ DTR700 Series radio is the perfect partner for your business – delivering all the benefits of reliable digital communications.

DTR700 Includes:

Li-Ion 2500 mAh battery
Drop-in charger
Swivel belt holster
Two year warranty

DTR700 Radio Features:

50 digital channels
License-free communication on 900 Mhz digital ISM band
Enhanced private communications via FHSS
(Frequency hopping spread spectrum)
Full graphic color display
Up to 16.5-hr. battery life
Anti-microbial housing, to prevent growth of mold and germs
Compact durable design which meets US Mil 810G standards
for shock, vibration, water, dust
VibraCall and vibration alert capable

Special calling features: (Custom programming)
Private reply - respond with a one-to-one call to the person who last spoke
Direct call - one-to-one call to a pre-configured radio
(e.g. manager, principal, security, etc.)
Call All available - group call across all channels to everyone not
engaged in a call
Page All available - one-way announcement across all channels to
everyone not in a call.

Compatible with DTR650, DTR550, and DTR410 on standard settings.
Note: Custom programmed units may not be completely cross compatible.
End-user responsible for all custom programming via Motorola DTR700 software and cable.


Motorola DTR700 Applications

The Motorola DTR700 portable radio is ideal for: Education, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Property Management, and Retail.

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