Motorola PM400 - Discontinued

Motorola PM400 Mobile Trunking Radio - Discontinued

Great care was taken in the design of the Motorola PM400 to ensure its ruggedness and reliability as well as its ease of use and functionality. The PM400 offers the most features and channels of any Motorola mobile in our Commercial Series and can be mounted in just about any vehicle. It also serves as an ideal desktop base station in the office or on the factory floor. The Motorola PM400 is ideal for many businesses and industries such as agriculture, hospitality, light construction, light industrial, manufacturing, public administration, delivery services, security, taxi and limousine services, transportation/fleet and utilities.

Motorola PM400 Features

Conventional / LTR Programmable Features

  • 64 Conventional Channels
  • System Scan
  • 12.5/20/25 kHz Switchable Channel Spacing
  • Dual Priority Scan (Conventional Only)
  • 2 Memory Channels (Conventional Only)
  • Busy Channel Lockout (Conventional Only)
  • Option Board Expandability
  • High/Low Power Settings
  • Local/Distance Mode
  • Time-Out Timer

Conventional / LTR Signaling Features

  • MDC1200 Emergency (Encode - Conventional Only)
  • MDC1200 PTT ID (Numeric ID - Encode/Decode)
  • MDC1200 Selective Radio Inhibit (Decode)
  • MDC1200 Radio Check (Decode)
  • Quik Call II™ Call Alert (Encode/Decode - Conventional Only)
  • Quik Call II™ Selective Call (Encode/Decode - Conventional Only)
  • DTMF PTT ID (Encode - Conventional Only)
  • DTMF Call Alert (Encode - Conventional Only)
  • DTMF Selective Call (Encode - Conventional Only)

LTR Features

  • Up to 100 Talkgroups
  • Mixed Assignment of Conventional Personalities & LTR® Talkgroups
  • Up to 10 Sites & 100 Talkgroups
  • Up to 20 Repeaters per Site
  • Up to 4 Universal IDs per System
  • Up to 40 Universal IDs per Radio
  • User Programmable Scan & Phone Lists
  • Data Operated Squelch (DOS)

Motorola PM400 Applications

Ideal for: Agriculture, Construction, Manufacturing, Public Administration, Security, Transportation, and Utilities.